Internet Of Medical Things is one of the ways technology helps healthcare system to understand & satisfy patient needs

Tredomo is a unique digital health invention that shall fulfill this role for millions worldwide in an impactful way



To improve millions of lives and save billions of dollars through providing an impactful integrated solution, to help healthcare system to know what they should do, and patients to get what they should have



Thermo-sensitive medications are dispensed unpreserved and unmonitored

Patients miss 50% of doses, and both get disconnected from healthcare system

Non-integrated services including obsolete storage and disposal methods

Causing loss of efficacy, safety, plus billions annually


Thermo-Sensitive Medications must be kept in certain temperature range mostly 2-8°C (35.6 – 46.4°F), otherwise efficacy drops and/or harmful effects happen

Thermo-sensitive medications are usually in sharps as pens & syringes which need to be sterile before use with zero level of contamination, & carefully disposed to avoid infection

Such Medications are usually expensive, as per dose or cumulatively through patient treatment period which may be years or even for life




Physician Prescribes a Thermo-Sensitive medication like Insulin & biologics, which is dispensed at pharmacy in a regular bag, then patient & medication leaves healthcare facility

Patient stores medication in home fridge, injects dose at a time at home or travels to a clinic, disposes used sharps in home garbage bin, then repeat for followup & prescription

Current storage and handling methods fail to maintaining perfect environment for preservation and disposal, affecting both efficacy and safety

Neither plastic or paper bag, ice, car’s fridge are ideal to transfer medications, nor home fridge is ideal for storing doses because they are unmonitored, with non-guaranteed temperature, high contamination probability, and insecure storage

Home garbage bin and plastic containers are not ideal for disposing used sharps because they are unmonitored, with high infection probability, and insecure storage

Cure Rate drops as doses lose efficacy, miss-leading healthcare providers and damaging medication image

Consequent side effects are impossible to track, and might be mistakenly attributed to medication itself

Dose contamination, Infection by used sharps, miss-use, and children reach due to lack of secure storage

Due to Lack of connectivity and monitoring, game-changing data is missed in the process, with no tracking of patient/ medication, leaving all sectors of healthcare system in the dark

Patients get disconnected from healthcare providers deprived from care and observation

Treatment outcomes drop with 50% adherence to medication doses/ patient/ treatment period

Expired and spoiled doses are impossible to totally identify, track, reach and collect

Aggregately lead to bigger problems with huge financial impact on all healthcare sectors worldwide

Solves all problems through:

Solves all problems through:

Providing patient with a valid medication with integrated notification, storage and disposal services

Providing healthcare system with data and reports essential to achieve impactful planning

What is Tredomo?

Personal integrated IOMT, remote Dose Monitoring system, guarantees on-time delivery of a valid and monitored Thermo-sensitive dose, with smart disposal

How Tredomo works

Instead of dispensing thermo-sensitive medication in traditional plastic or paper bag with no benefit but carrying, storing in home fridge and disposing sharps in home garbage or obsolete sharps bin; doses are dispensed and installed inside Tredomo’s device

All Devices are IOT Connected to

AI-powered cloud-based

application for:

Monitoring transactions

Analytics and insights for Planning Perfection

Notifying parties and Reporting actions

To enhance Adherence and

consequently cure rate, an IOS and

Android Apps to connect and

notify patient about:

Dose time and Regimen schedules

Alarms and Warnings

Directions, Guidance and Advises

To enhance Adherence and consequently cure rate, an IOS and Android Apps to connect and notify patient about:

Dose time and Regimen schedules

Alarms and Warnings

Directions, Guidance and Advises

Setting a new subcategory in medication monitoring

The first remote dose monitoring system for thermo-sensitive medications

Setting a new subcategory in medication monitoring

The first remote dose monitoring system for thermo-sensitive medications




Health and Satisfaction

Is our primary target

Validating dose integrity, and so efficacy and safety

Guaranteed on-time dose through

reminders for a better recovery rate

Curated guidance and follow up, never left alone

Smart, safe and guaranteed storage of doses

In-device disposal with UV sterilization

Appreciate existing-burden

Mostly free as healthcare system shall pay

Pharmaceutical Companies

– Guidance through in-depth, accurate, and priceless data

and reports

– Planning perfection to save money, time and effort

– Adherence enhancement for better cure rate

– Increasing sales and minimizing expired goods, if not

completely eliminate them

– Customer service tool with far-most reach to enhance

loyalty and reputation

– Cost-effective

Insurance Companies

– Role perfection being direct monitors of healthcare system


– Cost optimization being direct payers of healthcare cost

Healthcare Providers

(Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians, Pharmacists)

Understanding perfection for patients’ behavior

Dose optimization as per updated patient progress

Better satisfaction and reputation



Clear and accurate data with a 100%

inclusion criteria possibility


Planning and cost optimization for

economic sustainability

Mohammed Algazzar


CEO and Founder


Is what Tredomo aiming to achieve with

Customers in heart

Innovation in mind

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Unbeatable Passion

Over 15 years of evolvement as pharmacist, sales and marketing team leader at multinational healthcare companies, equipped me with a clear vision for what should be done, and we are doing it

Join Tredomo setting the future of

impactful dose monitoring

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